Why I’m switching from AlienVPS to DigitalOcean

So I’ve been a cloud nomad.

4 (or 3) years ago, I started thinking about hosting my blog, and using that as a motivation to pick up web programming. I bought the cheapest plan over at SingaporeHost.sg. 5GB disk space for SGD$8 a month. In fact, the earliest version of this blog was hosted there. After looking around, due to the fact that I decided I need to learn more than how to do programming in PHP, coupled with the fact that AWS had their 1 year free trial, I jumped over. Little did I know that their instances (micro-instance) had CPU stolen from them all the time. On top of that, the filesystem IO was starting to cost money, and there were days where I had around 50 cents worth of EBS IO. That was when I realised AWS wasn’t that good a deal. Then I jumped to Webfaction and it was really good. But I missed being root, and so I got another machine at AlienVPS. Was happy with their price points ($15/year, $4/month), and I got one of each VPS. They were using OpenVZ, and while that meant that some stuff required tricks to get around, you could get around it. Really slow customer support, but I reckoned with their price points, I shouldn’t expect too much.

Then came DigitalOcean. $5/month on KVM VPS with SSD for storage. It was the dream VPS service. Oh, and it’s on Tier 1 Bandwidth as well. And despite their cheap price, their customer service has an RTT of 10 minutes. Tried it on various occasions throughout the day, it has always been 10mins. And they even teach you how to set up VPN on their servers. What more can one ask for?

As of now, I have set up OpenVPN plus a couple of sites over to DigitalOcean, and I’m really glad I did so. And their new datacenter location in San Fran has an RTT of 200ms to SG, couldn’t have been happier.


I am a Senior Engineer with Singapore Power, and have a passion for security and distributed systems. Prior to this, I have worked in companies including PayPal, 99.co, and Nugit. I also headed GeekcampSG from 2012 to 2014, and am currently focusing my free time on social empowerment initiatives including IAmTalentedSG, and CollaborateSG. When not doing work, or any of these stuff, I can be found cafe hopping/taking photos/trekking.

One thought on “Why I’m switching from AlienVPS to DigitalOcean

  • May 21, 2013 at 3:32 am

    Thank you for choosing us after all that transition of hosting providers over the years! Awesome to hear that you find us as your dream VPS service and we hope this time you’ll become a ‘cloud settler’ moving forward :).


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