Setting up OpenVPN on a CentOS server and Windows8

So I’m bored of using SSH Tunneling. Plus the fact that when I open too many connections, it sometimes dies. So I decided today morning that I will set up a VPN service that I can use to connect securely to the net that is actually designed for this (plus the fact it made the forwarding global helped too).

So my server is technically a OpenVZ server hosted by Alienlayer, with 512MB RAM and 2 2Ghz cores over in Las Vegas. Expected installation to be a breeze, a couple of yum install commands and I’d be done. Turned out I was wrong.

The initial setup was easy, following the instructions over here for CentOS and here for Windows. The problem that stumped me was the part when I couldn’t update the iptables. Searched the net for hours to no end. Finally, with the help of Olipro on StackExchange, realised that the problem was that the MASQUERADE module didn’t exist, and as far as I know, not virtualised yet. So couldn’t use it.

For people who are intending to set up a VPN server in future, here’s a link that you might find useful.

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