Tembusu Master’s Dinner

It was epic. Really. It was the most awesome event in my NUS life, and I sure as hell do hope I can enjoy it again next year. Helped with the setting up of the place, and this was one of the Ponya tables =D Another awesome photo by a fellow Tembusian It was really epic, the atmosphere was great, and best of all we had this. Alcohol on campus, officially =D 2009 Chardonnay, no less. The guest of honor was Prof Tommy Koh, Rector of Tembusu College, and it was a pretty cool event. The future sure seems exciting … Continue reading Tembusu Master’s Dinner


Dr Rethy Chhem, one of the top guys in IAEA, a very distingushed academic, came to Tembusu College and basically had a conversation with us at the first Master’s Tea event. Abit about his background. He holds a Medical Degree, and on top of that, a PhD in Education, and a PhD in History. It was a very inspiring session and if there’s one word to describe him, it would be zen-like. His outlook on life was very interesting and it really inspired me to go on and continue making a difference, even if bystanders don’t see value in what … Continue reading Inspired

Tembusu College

Moved in to Tembusu College today, and I must say, it was damn awesome. Went to check in at 9:20, finally got my room at 10:30am, and I’m on the 21st floor =D Damn good scenery, and damn good wind. Just have to wait a little long for the lift =( Been cleaning up my room the whole day, all the remnants of the dust from the construction, and after 1 day, it’s finally habitable. Still need to bring in my geek gear tho =D Went down for dinner with a couple of friends, watched them eat, and made a … Continue reading Tembusu College