CS1010 Tutorial 1

Below are my slides for my class today. Guess I’ll just continue uploading my slides and hope they make a difference in someone’s life. View more presentations from laurenceputra

Stuff not showing up in FF4? Here’s why.

This is something I spent 1 entire day(ok, maybe half) at work trying to figure out. Hope that by putting it here, it’ll make it somewhere on google and make another coder’s life less of a problem. So, I was working on this piece of code at work, an iframe actually, and it wasn’t showing up in Firefox4, but was showing up on Safari and Chromium. Below’s the code. So I spent ALOT, and I stress, ALOT of time trying to figure out why, substituting other stuff there and what not, but it failed to work. I spent hours googling … Continue reading Stuff not showing up in FF4? Here’s why.

Is Com Sci as a discipline going downhill?

Eli just sent me this post entitled The deep end of the pool. I think this has show how backwards computing schools have become, and how they are being obstacles to the progress of the IT industry. The foreign language model is closer to being practical. At Grand Valley, students study a foreign language for four semesters before beginning a serious study of literature and composition in that language. In theory, I think a similar model would for programming would be much more effective. I call bullshit on this. There is alot of lousy teachers teaching in Universities, hence a … Continue reading Is Com Sci as a discipline going downhill?