If someone else is paying, you are the product

So recently, in the quiet tech scene in Singapore, HackerX has been spreading onto the newsfeeds of the geeks, with people searching for more information about it.

We figured it was one of those recruitment events organised by a HR company trying to look hip, and it all seemed normal, until I reached this page, the tickets for employers page.

HackerX-Singapore (Front End) Employer Ticket Tickets, Singapore - Eventbrite - 2013-10-27_17.00.34

Of course, as it always is, tickets for hackers are free, but there’s a catch, it’s invite only, and according to their site, there’ll be around 50 developers there.

So let’s do the maths, assuming they fill up 10 out of 15 slots, and each company on average sends 1.5 people, you now have 15 paid tickets, which earns them a total of $5925 (not sure if it’s USD or SGD). Basically, what is happening, is that they are selling 2 hours of 50 developer’s time, for a total of ~$6000, which makes it around $100 per developer, which sounds about right, except that the money doesn’t go into the pockets of these developers. It goes to Talent&Co. Yes, that’s the company behind HackerX.

So before you eagerly accept that personal invitation from them to attend, take note that they are trying to sell your time to startups without giving you anything in return, and think about whether it’s worth your time. They are profiting off your time. Charge them for selling your time ;)

Oh and people they have invited have complained that there is no transparency in which companies would actually be there.

Making your ASUS router work with Starhub

So I posted about this before, except it was to use your own router instead of using the crappy gateway that Starhub provides. My router was getting old, despite it still being better than Starhub’s gateway, it was still rather slow. So I got a ASUS AC66. Turns out, you can make your ASUS router spoof itself as Starhub’s gateway, and instead of having 3 devices (the ONT, Starhub Gateway, ASUS router), you can reduce it to 2.

Below are the settings that you can use to spoof Starhub’s gateway.

Internet: VID 1071 PRIO 1 or VID 1078 PRIO 1
IPTV (LAN 4): VID 1099 PRIO 1
VoIP (LAN 3): VID 1095 PRIO 1
Authentication: disable
Host Name: Serial Number of your gateway
MAC Address: MAC address of your gateway

*Disclaimer: Not all routers can do this, make sure it can support vlan tagging first

Tan Min Liang @ NUS

This is a damn good watch, especially the part on government support, and the fact he doesn’t complain.