Weloop Tommy

I recently got myself a smart watch, a Weloop Tommy from China, which seems like a really good Pebble clone for less than half the price. Before going into the features, let’s get some photos first. So I’ve been wearing the watch for 3 entire days at this point, started off fully charged, as I had charged it to 100% and left it on the charger for another hour, and the battery is currently at 72%. Have had a decent amount of notifications coming in, which could be part of the reason the battery is going down so fast, but … Continue reading Weloop Tommy

Getting around Starhub’s crappy home gateway.

So you had a really awesome router, that had no issue with delivering a working signal into your room, or where ever your computer is. It has been working for a long time. And one day, Starhub turns up saying that fibre is better, and they have a really awesome home gateway that they will give you for free, and you believed that crap. And you upgrade. And now, your home gateway disconnects every couple of minutes, and you can’t even achieve the speeds you used to, and the really awesome optical fiber box refuses to let you connect your … Continue reading Getting around Starhub’s crappy home gateway.


So the speed of the MonoRail Transports (MRT) have allowed me to finish Inferno in 2 days. Quick thoughts about it. Great storyline, great piece of work, but I have a nagging suspicion that I have read the story a few years before somewhere. It felt very familiar as I was reading it, except I couldn’t pinpoint where I had read it before. Perhaps it’s just the style of the writing that was familiar. Overall, great book, worth a read if you are spending alot of time on the MRT.