Weloop Tommy

I recently got myself a smart watch, a Weloop Tommy from China, which seems like a really good Pebble clone for less than half the price. Before going into the features, let’s get some photos first. So I’ve been wearing the watch for 3 entire days at this point, started off fully charged, as I had charged it to 100% and left it on the charger for another hour, and the battery is currently at 72%. Have had a decent amount of notifications coming in, which could be part of the reason the battery is going down so fast, but … Continue reading Weloop Tommy

Look up

Saw this really powerful video today, and it’s really true. Getting disconnected from emails and facebook is probably the best thing I’ve did in the past 2 years.

MongoDB Meetup #2

Meetup #2 was held on 19th March at Plugin@Blk71, and saw James Tan from MongoDB, and Khang Toh from Picocandy coming down to speak about MongoDB in production. This being the first meetup at Plugin, a hotbed for startups in Singapore, saw a fair bit of people who had never use mongo before, and a couple who had only use mongo in toy apps before. As a result, James spent more time covering on the basics of MongoDB, and how a production system should look like. After James’ talk, we went outside for pizza, which was kindly sponsored by MongoDB, … Continue reading MongoDB Meetup #2