MongoDB Meetup #2

Meetup #2 was held on 19th March at Plugin@Blk71, and saw James Tan from MongoDB, and Khang Toh from Picocandy coming down to speak about MongoDB in production. This being the first meetup at Plugin, a hotbed for startups in Singapore, saw a fair bit of people who had never use mongo before, and a couple who had only use mongo in toy apps before. As a result, James spent more time covering on the basics of MongoDB, and how a production system should look like. After James’ talk, we went outside for pizza, which was kindly sponsored by MongoDB, … Continue reading MongoDB Meetup #2

Customer Service, the Zalora Standard

Apparently there’s some trouble brewing over at Zalora. Before anything, here’s their refund policy as copied from their site. How long does it take for me to receive a refund? Once your return is received and accepted (usually within 3 – 5 working days after the drop-off at the post office), a refund would be issued within 1-2 working days. Please note that depending on the payment method it may take up to to 14 days for a refund to reach you. So, as many of you have already read here, iOS Dev Scout head Mugunth Kumar, did not recieve … Continue reading Customer Service, the Zalora Standard

If someone else is paying, you are the product

So recently, in the quiet tech scene in Singapore, HackerX has been spreading onto the newsfeeds of the geeks, with people searching for more information about it. We figured it was one of those recruitment events organised by a HR company trying to look hip, and it all seemed normal, until I reached this page, the tickets for employers page. Of course, as it always is, tickets for hackers are free, but there’s a catch, it’s invite only, and according to their site, there’ll be around 50 developers there. So let’s do the maths, assuming they fill up 10 out … Continue reading If someone else is paying, you are the product