How to avoid being called a computer nerd.

I was walking around NUS School of Computing earlier, and I saw a lecturer standing in front of a class with a slide with How to avoid being called a computer nerd. as the title.

In NUS School of Computing no less.

The module in question was this “CS2101 Effective Communication for Computing Professionals”.

What’s wrong with being a computer nerd? What’s wrong with being yourself?

If this is what they are teaching the would be software engineers, and computer scientists, well, I think it’s better if people who want to do actual development, or do research in the field of computer science stop going to SoC. Because they are just going to tell you, you shouldn’t be a geek, you shouldn’t be a nerd. You should be what society wants you to be. And in the eyes of society, it’s probably to be a manager or banker.

To those who disagree with what that module teaches, there’s a whole bunch of us out there who fully believe in what we do, and are in fact proud of it.

To quote Michael Cheng, who recently wrote a post on SGE, Rise of Software Craftsmen

In recent years, there has been an emerging wave of computer programmers brewing in the periphery – a new breed of software craftsmen (and women). Increasingly, more are becoming “builders” by choice — and proud of it.

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