Thoughts on the Lenovo Twist

So I finally got the Twist, after waiting for it for over a month.

Just a couple of thoughts on it first.

  1. Microsoft has really changed everything
    Really. Putting touch into the OS was just brilliant. It makes things easier to do, and generally improve on the happiness level of me using the OS.
  2. This is a damn good machine
    With 8GB RAM, and a i7 processor that goes up to 3GHz, it is pretty powerful. So much that I can run 2 Linux VM’s (1 CentOS and 1 Ubuntu[no choice, for a module assignment])with the host OS and switch between them without facing much lag.
  3. The keyboard is awesome :D
    This new layout by Lenovo really makes typing alot easier.

Users might face problems with the laptop though. For example, when you install firewall’s such as Comodo, windows 8 will have weird behaviour, not sure if it’s just on the twist. Charms will lag really badly, and can only be fixed by logging out and logging back in. This behaviour happens only after you restart the machine.

The other gripe I had with the laptop was the intel Power Saving Technology. When the brightness is dimmed to minimum levels, this ‘technology’ kicks in, and will adjust your brightness based on the colours of the page, which will at times render your machine unusable. After poking around for a while, finally narrowed it down to this ‘technology’, and not Window’s adaptive brightness.

All in all, I have to say, this is the best laptop I’ve owned so far, and I have to say, better than my previous macbook pro, especially in the OS’s memory handling. Microsoft has really made a breakthrough this time round.

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