The sad reality of meritocracy

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This is not isolated.

Meritocracy gives the people who have succeeded in that structure a certain illusion that they are at the top of the world, and hence, should be treated as such, such as to be listened to, and that their logic is infallible.

You see, these USP students, people who can write so well that none of us mere mortals can understand them, are so devoid of humanity that they mock the poor and the weak within them, without even considering the feelings of the target. And I’m supposed to believe that these self appointed intelligent people are the future of Singapore?

And that is the very same problem that many countries all over the world are facing. Political leaders have reached the top, through hard work, stomping on others, destroying others along the way. And because they have reached the very top by virtue of their efforts, they now have the right to stomp on others all they want?

You see the government in the United States, Europe and many affluent countries headed that way. You see poor people neglected, and the rich having all the power to do what they want. If these USP students are Singapore’s bright future, then Singapore is doomed. Because these students, whatever intellect that they have, are lacking in 1 thing, the one thing that makes us human, humanity. The Singapore education has successfully molded the super-student, well versed in taking exams and using logic as a weapon, and completely devoid of humanity and feelings.

Oh yes, forgot to mention, USP is home to the “Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Programme”. I completely fail to see how there is a ‘Community’ aspect in these students. Mr Chua Thian Poh, maybe you would like to remind these elite USP peeps what ‘Community’ really means?

What society needs right now, is those 1% to come out and stand for what is right. We need more Batmans. And we certainly need the education system to place more emphasis on character building instead of grades, because the amount of intellect placed into these kids, without values and principles, will simply lead to the next smartass dictator who builds WMDs for fun.

As Kevin Kline once said in the movie, “The Emperor’s Club”

Great ambition and conquest, without contribution, is without significance.

NUS, maybe its time to rethink what you really do. Producing smart people, or nurturing talent that have a heart.

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One thought on “The sad reality of meritocracy

  1. Came across your blog while googling for the incident. I was very angry about the incident after reading about it. I am an NUS student though not a USP student nor know anyone involved. Your article was very well written. Please write to USP or the Newspaper to ensure the punishment of those involved. USP is not punishing those bullies because it was written in a private context. Yet it is hypocrisy because NUS previously punished a China student for making negative comments about Singaporeans on his blog, a private space too.

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