Clarification on ‘On “What Does A University Optimize For?”’

A couple of people pinged me and ask me why I am defending NUS in this case, wasn’t I against NUS in the first place?

Let me make this clear, I am not against anyone (Oh wait, I’m against people with PhD’s in entrepreneurship despite not having started companies before. Yup, mainly them.). I am against dumb policies. I am against the dumb things that NUS sometimes does, which is why I regularly blog about stuff against them, such as my education simply being one of regurgitation. But they did no wrong this time. Entrepreneurship is NOT their core business. Their core business is pushing the limits of what mankind knows, and passing that knowledge on (whether they are doing a good job at it is questionable though).

So yea, just to make things clear, I am not against NUS, or SoC.

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