On talknopreneurs, and please stop bugging me

P.S. This post is targeted towards the Talknopreneurs, people who apparently know the ins and outs of running a business despite not having done anything related to starting anything before.

P.P.S. To my friends who are business owners, and REAL entrepreneurs, and have given me advice, thank you :)

I released Instasyncer on the 1st of May, 12pm.

Ever since then, I’ve had a whole bunch of people telling me how I can monetize it, and how I can make this into a business. So this post is to end it once and for all.

Until I reach a stage when I’m losing money by running this service, I am not charging for it.

There, I said it.

I did this because I needed it, and I put a UI over it because I thought other people might benefit from this service, no matter how few people use it. End of story. There was never an intention to monetize, so please keep your brilliant plans to make money to yourself, and stop talking to me like you know everything there is to business when you yourself haven’t even started one. The next person who has not started a business telling me how to make this into a business will automagically not be able to contact me anymore, just like how Instasyncer automagically syncs your Instagram photos to Dropbox. I’m serious. I have better stuff to do than listen to your plans on how I can make money, for example, coding more cool features for Instasyncer. If you really have an awesome way to make money, please go and make it. I’ll be very happy for you. Really :)

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