Bridging Academia and Industry, the Techlaunch way

Attended Techlaunch earlier today, and it was just so freaking awesome.

While granted, some of the research there were really bad(horrible performance and totally outdated stuff), the event was really well organised. It actually got industry people interested in some of the academic work that were done in NUS. And some really good ideas really did come out of Techlaunch.

It started off in the morning as a networking event, and afterwards, more of a ideas generating thing. The ideas generating part was fun, where people worked on the different NUS Technologies to come up with new ideas. The only problem was that most NUS Technologies were rather unusable(again, performance issues), but a couple of decent ideas did come out anyway.

They had awesome judges too, the legendary and awesome Andrew ‘Bunnie’ Huang, the ever approachable Carl from Pivotal Labs, and the ever so friendly Meng. Really lends alot of credibility to the event. Great job getting the judges down =D

Hope to see more of such future events in future, and hopefully we start seeing a bridge between academia and the industry.

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8 thoughts on “Bridging Academia and Industry, the Techlaunch way

  1. Chen Liang: actually i would disagree. we should not be trying to get a silicon valley in singapore. we should try to be ourselves =D, and not copy others wholesale.

    James Yong: give them time bah, hopefully there’s enough traction for this to continue

  2. James, the 6mo thing is just to get the right people in. I know that you guys could put this up in a week. I we give 1 year we then have to deal the people that won’t do it in 10 years. It’s just a way of filtering. Laurence thanks for the article, it captures the day and the problems that we’re facing.

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