StartupRootsSG event: Bunnie

Last Thursday’s talk was by Bunnie, the VP of Hardware Engineering at Chumby Industries.

The whole session basically revolved around his life story, and what he looked for in jobs, which I agree totally by the way. Once you reach a certain amount of money, the only thing that should matter from then on is whether the job is fun.

I was quite shocked when he mentioned he had a Phd though. The idea that a hacker and a guy who loves to reverse engineer stuff just didn’t match the imagery I had in my brain of a prof/academic. He is one cool dude. I think we need more profs like him. People who can do real stuff, and does it for the fun of it.

Just a bit of background on who he is, he was the first guy who hacked the Xbox, with only $150 worth of equipment, when academics were publishing papers saying you needed a couple of hundred thousand bucks worth of equipment.

Read here for his blog post on how the Xbox security mechanism works. You can order the book, “Hacking the Xbox” here.

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4 thoughts on “StartupRootsSG event: Bunnie

    1. As a speaker, it depends on what you are looking for.

      As a person and I guess as a boss, he’s amazing. He is the perfect role model for the ‘Do what you love’ side of things.

      But there’s no success stories from him. He rejected Qualcomm when they first started(He could have become rich had he accepted them), and just continued to enjoy life doing what he loved.

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