Dinner with @StartupRootsSG and Company Morale

Had an awesome dinner with the StartupRootsSG founders and other fellows yesterday at Nabins, and it was really just awesome. Everyone was just sharing their ideas, and giving each other frank opinions without worrying that someone else will disagree with them and take offence. That, I think is one of the biggest problem with the culture here. Some of the people here just cannot take you not agreeing with them, and will fall out with you if you dare disagree.

And I think the fundamental problem with this is that people no longer dare to say that’s really on their mind, and as a result can no longer be frank with one another.

Oh well, that’s not the point of this post anyway. So the founders were sharing with us what they envision StartupRoots to become in future, after the first batch, those awesome guys here. And I think the future looks bright for StartupRootsSG. At Echelon, introducing yourself as a fellow of StartupRootsSG was a sure way to get noticed. That’s how far they have reached. And I think this is a really good program for the top undergrads to work with the top startups in Singapore.

So thank you StartupRootsSG, you have really made this holiday worthwhile for me at least. I’ll pledge a big sum of money once I make it =D.

Next on to company morale. I think Chalkboard is onto something here. There’s something in here that makes the whole team click together. I can’t exactly pinpoint what it is, but when you have employees writing Facebook notes(that i can’t read, and google translate doesn’t translate properly but the title says “I like to work here” so I guess that says enough =D. NOT me by the way.) and blog posts(by the way, StartupRootsSG didn’t point a gun to my head and ask me to write that. i wrote that cos i felt like doing so) that they like working at a company, that company must be doing something right.

Hope to see more companies in SG become like this, so that the world can become a better place =D

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