Politics in Singapore compared to the rest of the world.

It’s actually quite interesting, you see opposition parties in places such as Malaysia and Indonesia demanding for upgrade to Singapore standards, and you see Singaporean opposition parties demanding a downgrade to american standards.

Just a thought, could it be the quality of opposition in these places are fundamentally different from the Singapore ones?

After all, their/my country is run by the biggest retards around already. Can’t find anyone more ridiculous than them. So whatever the opposition says is bound to make more sense.

On the other hand, Singapore is run by the brightest and smartest.

Just a thought

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2 thoughts on “Politics in Singapore compared to the rest of the world.

  1. To be honest, I have not shared as strong a negative sentiment towards the PAP as some of the people . In my opinion, no government in this world is perfect, and to demand for perfection is simply absurd, because to err is human. Many cited sky high salaries as a reason why the PAP ministers should be above reproach, but i daresay that even if their salaries were 1/100th of their current salary, netizens/citizens will still blame their government for everything, such is the “blame” culture and dependence we have on our government. Salaries do not justify competence, as they are oft misunderstood to be.

    Lest you think I am pro establishment, let me assure you that it is not. While I cannot say for sure that PAP has got most decisions right because I do not have long term statistics to measure the success of their policies, nor do I possess oracular powers, I believe the current immigration policy adopted and championed by the PAP is a result of unbridled decision making processes due to a lack of a sizable opposition in the parliament. The fact that the PAP has won past elections by landslide margins has bred complacency and a false sense of security that any policy introduced will be successful and well received by the masses. This can be seen in many instances; the Mas Selamat case, gross overspending on the Youth Olympic Games, and worst of all, the FT issue. This complacency that we see has led to a lack of self-criticism. Instead of looking inwards at the failings of a complacent political party, the govt instead chose to point fingers towards the others and try to placate the crowd with pathetic excuses. Why then, is this happening in Singapore?

    The reason can only be one: the lack of sensible, dissident voices in the Government, the ones that will stand up and say no. Sure, in Singapore there are lots of dissident voices, but sensible ones? In the past when pressing problems were few far in and between, when threats to our livelihood were not as grave, voting for the PAP became a no-brainer. The opposition were like scattered sand, shooting in the dark with no clear agenda and direction to lead Singapore to a better future. Yes, problems were abound with the then administration, but the opposition were no better; their solutions were short-sighted (abolishing CPF and introducing mega subsidies) and were directed at winning votes by playing on people’s resentment towards the government towards unemployment following global financial crises. I’m pretty sure that a ballooning nation debt were the last thing on their minds. Amidst the self-made martyrs came the ultimate joker: CSJ. IMO, his policies were laughable and his latest plea to the PAP to allow him to contest is no more than the whimper of a defeated man. With an opposition like that, it would be safer to vote in a stable government, though few would have seen the disastrous consequences few years down the road.

    But how times have changed. Several mishaps, major ones, have shaken the confidence of voters. People are starting to wonder if having ONE voice in the government is really a good thing. A strong and credible opposition in the government will force the ruling party to reshape their policies to not only benefit Singapore but also the life of its people. In other words, we will be less likely to see extremism in govt policies(such as the FT issue) because for the first time the PAP will have to get down and work at redeeming the people’s trust in them in the form of votes. Competition brings out the best in people, likewise the government. It is of my opinion that more people should vote for the opposition NOT because they are good, but to send out a message that complacency within the ruling party is not longer tolerated and the good ol’ times are gone. Critics that think having an opposition party would hamper decision making processes and impede the progress of the nation need look no further at how a single party system has single-handedly(no pun intended) disfigured the national identity. We need a multi-party system and the time is now or never.

    I do remain skeptical that in the near future the opposition will overtake PAP as the ruling party, but i am sure that Singapore needs sensible dissident voices at the policy making level at the present moment. The coming election may yet be another PAP victory, but we will make them sweat for it and remember that the leaves of prosperity basking in sunlight are supported in the dark by the roots in the earth. Without us there will be no PAP. May we lose the battle, but win the war.

    1. they have the money for yog, and it has not hurt singapore’s reserves in any way. mas selamat, yea, alright i give that to you.

      but what’s with the foreign talent policy? you definitely need foreigners in sg. the singaporeans are not reproducing fast enough, and there are few singaporeans qualified to take on some jobs like MD’s of MNC’s

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