KRMF 2011, PM Lee Hsien Loong

I went for it yesterday, and it was a pretty good experience.

Was quite shocked at the level of intelligence of some Singaporeans. I stress ‘some’.

There was this question a guy asked about ministerial pay, and he compared it to the US, and you know, the US President is the ‘leader of the free world’ and all that bullshit, and basically he should get a higher salary.

Hello? You compare the american president to your prime minister. Can you stop insulting you country’s leaders? All that’s left in the average American’s pockets is change. Obama did deliver. But is that what you want Singapore to become? That everyone only has change in their pockets?

Then another guy asked about why opposition can get ppl out of private sector when PM Lee mentioned that it was getting harder.

Seriously. Private sector also got janitor lar. You think they targeting the same ppl meh?

And to think that the people asking the questions are uni undergrads.

The truth is, the Singapore government is doing such a good job that they can actually talk about leadership renewal. In other countries, the head of state gets around 6 months to actually do what needs to be done, but he has to do it without offending anyone so that he can get re-elected. They worry about the next 4 years, not the next 2 decades, which Singapore is doing. And because of this, the Singapore government can do things that ensure long term prosperity.

An article that PM Lee brought up yesterday. Go East, young bureaucrat

Alright, that’s it for now, back to work.

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